Friday, November 11, 2011

Finding My M.M.M.

My "Mechanical Martian Monkey?" My "Malodorous Mutant Mop?" "What the heck is an M.M.M.?" I imagine you're asking.

Well, let me tell you, an M.M.M. is a "Motivational Medical Malady" or, put another way, a medical problem that must be fixed through lifestyle changes. M.M.M.s are things like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Maladies which can be controlled and reversed by a proper diet and regular exercise. Let me share this with you, I had been sort-of hoping for an M.M.M. for years...

Yeah, I've been fat and unhealthy for a very long time, and for whatever reason, I was unable (unwilling is more accurate) to get my act together and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So I was actually hoping that I would have a larger reason to make changes, beyond vanity, which, in my mind, was the only other reason to make healthy lifestyle changes. (It turns out that there are many good reasons to slim down and get healthy besides vanity, I was just being delusional.) Well wouldn't you know, an M.M.M. presented itself, lucky me. I guess it was bound to happen if I remained glued to my unhealthy habits.

As it turns out, an M.M.M. falls into the "Be careful what you wish for" category (go figure). I now have a kidney that is on the fritz. It hurts me. I currently have a hole in it with a tube coming out of it (TMI, I know, and it's as gross as it sounds). It can only be fixed with surgery and further prevented by drinking lots of water, diet and exercise. Oddly enough, it could have been prevented in the first place if I had done those things to begin with.

(disclaimer - not all kidney stones can be prevented, mine could have, but many can't.)

Now that I have my secretly-wished-for M.M.M. I realize how pathetic it is. The thought that being healthy and strong, and feeling good, could be worthy goals in their own right never really crossed my mind. I wanted to be thin, instantly, and if I couldn't be instantly thin then I was going to do what I wanted until it caught up with me! How idiotic is that? Go ahead, you can agree with me, I know it's true.

Since I'm fine with being a "cautionary tale" if it helps someone in the end, I'll be happy to be one for you if you need it. What's the saying? "No one is completely useless, they can always serve as a bad example." I'm a bad example, allow me to serve you :-) You don't need an M.M.M., you don't want an M.M.M.! Being thin is not the only reason to make changes to be healthy. As a matter of fact, if you eat right and exercise, you'll be healthy no matter what size you are. More importantly, you'll feel better and you will avoid the inevitable pain of poor choices. Poor choices WILL catch up with you.

Now is the time for me to make the changes!

I was inspired by Nichole Balch's 30 before Thirty list, which she did a couple of years ago. I find Nicole inspiring in general! She makes her lists and accomplishes them. She really has her act together. I love reading her blog. As expected, she did very well crossing things off her list. She's now doing a Lovely Life List, have a look and be inspired!

December 13th of this year, I'll be turning 39. On that day (Lord willing), I will be unveiling my 40 before Forty list. I'll have an entire year to complete forty items that I need to change or that I want to do. Some fun stuff, lots of important stuff, more than a few projects. Forty items. You had better believe that healthy lifestyle changes are on that list.

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to feel better and be healthier at forty than I did at thirty? I think it can be done!

Over all, I am hopeful. My M.M.M. did, in fact, motivate me. I'm grateful that it's something which can be fixed and then prevented. I am grateful that it will be over before too long. I am SO grateful that thirty-nine isn't too late for a fresh start!

Do you have a story about how you made changes to your health that you'd like to share? Email me and I may post them. It's a slightly different direction than I had originally intended for Home Again Jog, but I think it's valid. I'll call "Health and Wellness" an occasional detour, instead of a main focus. Unfortunately, in my current state, it's all that's on my mind, so it's going on the blog.

Be Well,


  1. Dear Heather, I am so very sorry to hear you haven't been well. This is really distressing news to read, but I'm happy to hear your take on the situation...your positive attitude is really inspiring!

    My dad had some serious kidney issues earlier this year. A stage-something (not good) blockage of one of his kidneys and high blood pressure to boot. He had a procedure, totally changed his diet and exercise and has lost a ton of weight. He looks and feels great, and we (hopefully) get to keep him around a lot longer!

    Can't wait to see your 40 before 40 list. I'll be 42 next year, but somehow it just doesn't have the same ring to it! xo

  2. Thank you Lauren! I'm actually feeling OK, mostly what I am, at the moment, is supremely annoyed about feeling icky. I have stuff to do for crying out loud! I can't be sick!

    Hearing that your dad has done so well is SO ENCOURAGING! I need to hear things like that right now! Thank you for sharing :-)

    I think 42 before 42 sounds good. Have you read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?" 42 is a very significant number ;-p

    xo H

  3. That sounds like a great idea. I hope you're feeling better and better everyday. : )

  4. Well Heather, thank goodness it wasn't worse. I'm very happy you will be well soon! Also we take our good health for granted!

    It's too late for 40 by 40 for me, but I'm excited to find out what you do and how it goes. I'm 47, so hmm. In a few years I'll have 50 by 50? Maybe I should start now?

    Good health to you, and quick!

  5. Heather... i'm glad you are able to take contol of your healing. Yes a 40 before 40 list sounds awesome! Can't wait to see your list. I hope you are not in too much pain. Blessings to you x

  6. I stumbled upon this post today, following a Link within-link. This was posted before I found your blog and became a follower.

    I don't have an MMM - YET - but I definitely need to change my life into a healthier direction. I have gained a lot of weight in the last years, and I had just made small small steps in the right direction when I started my new job. Very intense in the beginning of course, and then I got the flue. So know I'm back where I started or even worse.

    Or wait, maybe I have an MMM... my right shoulder and arm is not working as it should, I can't move it up and back as the other arm, and my shoulders are both very sore. Hard to sleep because of this. This could have been prevented with a better lifestyle, definitely. And I went to a physiotherapist a few times before the flue... have to get back to that!

    Anyway, I hope this year will be a healthier one for both of us! Hope your kidney is in good condition again now!

    Love Maria


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