Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GIFTED! Loveliness from Creature Comforts

Ez, the author of Creature Comforts, has done it again! Creature Comforts is one of my favorite blogs for the simple reason that Ez is a curator of all things beautiful! Her blog is always gorgeous; she has an amazing eye! So imagine my delight when I saw that she had created Gifted Magazine, a marvelous gift-giving guide with 145 pages of gift ideas carefully selected by Ez!

Gifted is at Creature Comforts!
Gifted covers everyone you could possibly shop for: men, women, couples, teens, babies, hosts, you name it, it's there. She also includes card and gift wrap sections. The coup de grace are some free printables just for you!

Here are a smattering of items I'd love to see under the tree (Mom, Hun, are you paying attention? ;-p )

From top left: Le Cahier Deer pg. 9 (I love illustrations like this), Nail polish from Scotch  pg. 46 (All natural & a pretty shade), Handmade pillows from Mills Design Co pg 48, Rifle Paper Company's Botanical calendar pg 107 (I can see this on my wall), Owl Art Print by Lisa Congdon pg 59, and the Clover Planner pg 61.   

From top left: A bubblegum lolly from Hammond's Candies pg 92 (I still eat lollies), Designers Guild notebook pg 58 (I LOVE THESE), Colored pencils pg 69, Campo Marzio Measuring Tapes  pg 86 (Pretty awesome in the lilac), and a yummy assortment of Jenni's Splendid Ice Creams pg 102.

Let it be known that these items don't even begin to cover the assortment that Ez has pulled together in Gifted! If you're looking to give something beautiful and unusual please have a look. Also, over 125 of the gifts are under $30.00!!! Can you beat it? I don't think so!

Please go have a look and then have a buy! It's a fantastic Magazine!

;-p H


  1. How can I not have known about this magazine? Although perhaps it's better that I don't since I want things more for me than to give! How are you feeling today, dear?

  2. I know, I looked at all of the pages saying "oooh, pretty" and thinking that I could use a bunch of those lovely items!

    I'm feeling fine, thanks for asking! :-) I'm not in pain, I'm more annoyed with the situation than anything.


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