Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We're Closing in on Lu's Room!

It's VERY exciting!

This will be the first completely finished room in my house and I can't wait! Yesterday Kerry Pepin, our new handyman, finished the last of the woodwork. Now it just needs to be caulked and painted. The sewing projects are almost there, I'm nearly finished organizing it, I'd say... two weeks maximum and it will be fini!

However I'm SO excited about my progress that I have to share some of the finished projects with you.

1. The Reading Nook Cushion.

My mom made this at while we were at her house back in February. It's in one of the coordinating fabrics and the cover zips off to be washed. It's pretty awesome to have a mum who sews and sews beautifully to boot!

2. The DONE Pouf!

It is no longer dumb but done! I finished it this weekend and I LOVE it. More importantly, Lu loves it. I made it from Amy Butler's Gumdrop pattern, which is a wonderful, easy to sew, pattern. For the record, it wasn't dumb because of the pattern, it was dumb because I didn't reinforce the seams. Great pattern - dumb implementation. (Note: Sew all of the seams at least twice, three times if kids are going to use it.)

3. Her Poster

The poster that I designed for her finally arrived. I made it in Illustrator and had it printed at Vista Print. It was inexpensive to print and, well, you can tell in person, but she likes it and I thought it was nice to be able to contribute some art to her walls. I also wanted a constant reminder about what pretty is during her teenage years.

4. The Patchwork Pillow

I threw this together with the fabric from the collection. I didn't use a pattern and you can tell because nothing is even or straight. The fact that I can't sew a straight line doesn't stop me from making stuff though. I just reserve the right to pinch anyone who mentions my inaccurate work ;-p

5. The Roman Shades

One of the places where I DO actually care if the seams are straight which is why my AWESOME mum sewed these for me back in February. This weekend I hand-sewed thirty little rings to the back, put all of the dowels, and threaded all of the cords. Not pictured are the mounting boards that I cut and painted. They're down in the dirty, nasty basement waiting for me to finish them. I didn't want to ruin the post with a nasty, dirty basement picture.

We are closing in! It's so exciting to have a room almost done. Two years ago there were nothing but studs, no walls, no flooring, nada. We tore out everything and now it's almost there. What a journey! We only have... the whole rest of the house to finish. (OK, I'm not going to think about that today.)

See you tomorrow!


  1. wowowowowowowow it looks wonderful!! Nice work, and tell your mum I need some things sewn...

  2. It looks beautiful - must be great to "tick off" some projects - now if I could just get the same motivation.

  3. It's so satisfying to get projects done, woohoo! You're almost there. Looking good!

  4. So exciting! It looks wonderful! I love the colors, bright and girly without being all over pink. I love the art and I wish I had a mom that could make roman shades. Or a me that could make roman shades for that matter. Go you! Can't wait to see the finished room. Tick tock. You're on countdown alert now.

  5. Look at how awesome Lucie's room looks! You have done such an amazing job! YAY Heather!!!

  6. What a great thing to have your daughter look at every day! The words will always be running through her head, and although, I'm sure she'll get mad about it a few times (or many) as a teen, someday she'll thank you!


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